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Nanjing Linghong  Industry Co.,Ltd  specializes in gear cutting machines.This company is not only manufacturing gear hobbing machines,gear shaving machine but also supplying gear chamferring machine and gear generator with high quality and good services support. As to the CNC spiral bevel generator and gear chamferring machine supplied by this company , it  has occupied biggest martket-share in China since 2005 in terms of quantity and sales value.

CNC Gear Shaving Machine Model YW4 MIAN FEATURES YW4240CNC type of numerical control shaving machine is used in the finish mahining of straight gear,bevel..
CNC Model YA4220CNC & YA4232CNC MAIN FEATURES The model YA4220CNC & YA4232CNC Gear Shaving Machine is designed for finishing the spur and helical gear,..
Universial Gear Shaving Machine Mo Main technical specifications YW4232 YWA4232 轴向 切向 对角 轴向 径向 切向 对角 Max.diameter of workpiece proce..
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